Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where Were We?

1) This past weekend, I was asked by two guys that I find ridiculously funny to be a contributor to the new humor site they're developing. More on that as it comes to fruition. (Ugh. "Fruition"? Add that to the list of words I don't like. And in case you're wondering...there are actually some words I DO like..."skillet", for one.)

2) If you haven't checked out The Dilettante Club site, do so immediately. (And mock me for wearing makeup to an early-morning exercise class. I've become that woman.)

3) Based on a reader suggestion, I'm thinking about doing a "Friday lists" kind of thing. (People seemed to like the Jeopardy! categories post.) Whaddaya think? Would you guys contribute list ideas?

4) At this very moment, I'm sitting under a heat lamp at the hair salon, a salon that now provides Internet while you are being processed. Since I am getting re-blonded, you will actually be able to experience me getting ditsier in real time.

Your humble servant,


Ri, the Music Savvy Mom said...

What kinda lists? Grocery lists? To Do lists? Christmas Card lists?

If so, I'll go on record as preferring the current format...

Brutalism said...

Actually...those could possibly be funny with some time spent on them. Although, "excuses I may or may not have used to get out of taking a collge exam" or something along those lines is more of what I was thinking. Dunno. Looking for help when I have a mental block as to what to write about. P.S. I'm feeling left out as BlogHer goes on without us.

Erratic said...

I kind of like the word fruition. Hm.

I would be down for Friday lists - like the Letterman top 10 when it used to be funny. (note: stop when it's not funny anymore)

dilettante07 said...

How about times I've spelled my own name/blog name wrong in public?

dilettante07 said...

now that I'm done being snarky--what is up with the humor site??? Very cool!

Brutalism said...

Where did I spell the blog name incorrectly?

kath said...

"Being processed" DOES sound like a place where getting-pretty-famous humor bloggers would go... Totally emphasizes the long-standing natural approach you have taken to your hair (and your coffee creamer).

I would welcome list topics from you, but part of me feels like you are copping out on your BloggerBlock or whatever it is you people get. Like today, you write "Hey everybody, I'm gettin' that fake dye job thing again down at the Hari-O-Mat" and we all dutifully chat it up. Who needs a list, I ask?

kath said... that's "Hair-o-Mat"...the other place is at the airport.

dori said...

how about starting 'phone it in Fridays' where you take a more sienfeldian approach. blog about nothing, and make it funny. if anyone can do it, you can.

Dilettard07 said...

Reasons Dilettard07 Won't Participate in "List Fridays"

1) They will be posted before beer-thirty and I can't be funny before then; after beer-thirty I would only post something stupid
2) Your regular commenters are, without exception, a collection of tiresome sycophants
3) I am clearly too busy with work on Fridays; how about Wednesday between 2 and 2:45?
4) Gimlet, droplet, helmet, drop light
5) I pay good money to read original humor on this blog; this sounds like a shortcut

dilettante07 said...

Your humble servant, Brtualism


YinMetYang said...

So much hate for the lists! I like the idea of Friday List, but if your lists ever fail to entertain me I will commando down to your house in the middle of the night and TP everything. And fill your pool with lime jello mix (like the swingers haven't done THAT before!)

dilettante07 said...

No hate for the lists! I love the lists! I think they could actually be really funny and not just filler. Rock on with the lists!

PS - tarf was just kidding - he'll love the lists because I will tell him to love them.

Jason said...

The list idea, while potentially amusing, does smack of having your sycophants, er I mean followers, do your work for you. Much like David Pogue's soon-to-be-released book "The World According To Twitter" which was written by his twitter followers. Talk about tweeting it in. Still, you should buy the book. Really.

Why yes, I am in it. How on Earth did you guess?