Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My 2012 Resolution - More Gambling!

You read that right. I'm kicking off 2012 by making a bet with myself, The Dilettantes and several other bloggers invited to participate in this challenge. DietBet is offering winners (those who lose at least 4% of their body weight in four weeks) the chance to split a $5000 pot between themselves and the charity they've selected . (In our case, DC Central Kitchen.)

Intrigued? So were we, when we heard about DietBet - a web site that lets you bet your friends (with real money, as studies prove that people lose weight faster when competing against others) to achieve your weight loss goals. For competitive people like us, this is a great way to kick off our New Year's resolutions.

The press release announcing the contest was issued today -- a release that mentions I was in the Guinness book of world records for tap dancing and identifies me as a Mommy Blogger.

(No wonder my parents have always been prouder of my Attorney sister...)

Follow my journey (and ultimate success, of course) here on Brutalism. I'll also post before, during and after photos as soon as I get past the trauma of the number I saw on the scale this evening.


lacochran's evil twin said...

Wow, I bet you know what a kick ball change is and everything.

Happy dieting!

lacochran's evil twin said...

Oh, and last time I saw you, you didn't need to lose any weight, much less 4%. So, unless you've porked up, be careful out there!

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

Wait. Are you suggesting that you aren't a Mommy Blogger? Because I have been following your parenting advice to a tee. For example, my kids are well versed in identifying swingers and I pulled them out of school so they can concentrate on a long and lucrative career in diorama building.

Selfish Mom said...

Hilarious. I would wish you well, except I'm competing with you for the pot. (Of money.) So instead, I would like to mention that yesterday was National Whipped Cream Day, but I think it should be celebrated all week.

Brutalism said...

Lacochran - Thanks! And last time you saw me, I didn't need to lose weight. The holidays were rough (and by that, I mean great...)

Christian - just IDENTIFYING swingers not being swingers? I've failed miserably. Unless they are making swinger dioramas. (And if so, can you let me know where you found the teeny, tiny fishbowl?)

Selfish mom - Thanks for clarifying on the pot issue...I wasn't sure about that but hated to come across as uptight. How come there is no national V-8 day because that is what I am celebrating this week. Looking forwrad to competing with you.

Angie Vinez said...

Looking forward to competing with you in this competition. Should be loads of fun. :)

Johnny Virgil said...

Good luck!

Claire said...

What a great incentive! Good luck!

Brutalism said...

Angie - I know. So far, so fun, right? I'm feeling great...just need to implement more exercise so I'm bringing in the Big Guns - see next post.

Johnny - Thanks, man.

Claire - Thanks! I know. It really is a great incentive. And all the participants are constantly updating the message board with progress reports and support for the others (and a little trash talk, too). It's fun.