Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Well, shoot

So, this happened recently. Please take a moment to read, then continue on to the discussion questions below:

1. Can you imagine how weird this would have been if drugs were involved?
2. If a naked stranger poops and masturbates in your home while trying to steal your television set, approximately how long will it take you to burn the house in a massive inferno because, as my friend put it, "you cannot steam clean your eyes"?
3. How does the conversation the next morning with your friends go? " were really wasted last night. And let's just say that getting tasered by the cops was tamest part of it."
4. If you are one to say, break into someone's house while naked, try to steal their television set, then poop and masturbate while they hold you at gun point (read: several of my closest friends), would you not populate your Facebook page with more sane looking photos?

Now that's a gun lover,

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