Monday, July 01, 2013

A little insight

About three times a year, I decide that I'm boring.

This happens when I don't have the next big thing to which I can look forward. Whether a vacation, a race, an event...I'm convinced that if something interesting is not going on in my life I will stagnate, age about 10 years, and then no one will want to be my friend, my husband will lose interest and I will die penniless and alone.

This is only a slight exaggeration.

So during these times, I overreact. (What? No!) Which would explain why I am taking a writing class, training for a half marathon, serving as an auctioneer for a firefighter auction and going zip lining

All in the next two weeks.

I go from nothing going on to too much going on to the point where I get overwhelmed, am not fun to be around, my friends think I'm a pill, my husband wants to throttle me and after spending all the money for classes and entry fees and training programs...I am penniless and alone.

Shocker that Mensa has not made the to-do list,


David Oliver said...

Well Brute, I have to say I envy you! I have no ambition not to be boring. So now my friends think I'm boring, my children think I'm boring and even my cat meows to go outside 'caused he bored. It's okay. Someday...someday, I'll do something that is not boring, just not today.

Brutalism said...

David - How can the man with a thousand blogs be boring? Not buying it.

Also, I cannot wait to share the humiliation that was my first writing workshop. Sometimes (fine...often) the quest to be interesting results in mortification.