Friday, October 25, 2013

It's a Maximum Security Sausage, Too

Are you familiar with the game "Sausage"?

The rules are simple. You ask questions and another person HAS to answer them all with the word "sausage" and whoever laughs first loses.

As you may imagine, it is my favorite game and I lose every single time.

I was playing the game with my 8-year-old daughter tonight and she asked, "What does Daddy comb his hair with?" In a strategic move to try and throw her, I did not answer "sausage" and instead asked the clarifying question,"Daddy who lives here or your real, prison Daddy?"

And without missing a beat, she totally deadpanned, "my prison Daddy." 

Well played, grasshopper sausage.


Anonymous said...

Perfect for a smile this Friday.... and hell, I just learned a new drinking game! :) Can it get better?

kath said...

You are my favorite prison family.

David Oliver said...

I have never heard of the game and can't wait to play it but I will never, ever play with you or your daughter. :)

Jane S. said...

Heehee! Sounds like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! :)

Brutalism said...

Phnx65 - When you play it what will you be drinking? (See what I did there?)

Kath - you say that to all your felonious friends...

David - No kidding. That kid is all strategy. The strategy being making me laugh. It's how she gets to stay up late, too. And have candy all the time. I'm a terrible parent.

Jane - I appreciate how much nicer that is than a sausage/pig analogy.