Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Emergency E-Mail Summit Called

A friend of mine (my age) who is dating recently found herself texting with someone she had not yet met in person. She sent an emergency e-mail out to some girlfriends with the following question:

A guy I'm being kind of sort of set up with just asked me via text how old I am. I know he's like 34. What do I say???

Best reply, by far, came from one of her friends, who said:

"Do you have a younger brother?"


Dilettard07 said...

That's pretty good. She should use that.

The guy sounds like a ham fisted boob. No subtlety. You don't ask that, especially of someone you haven't even met yet.

1) If you trust the people that are kind of sort of setting you up, you just go with it. If you really have no imagination or sense of fun and need to spoil the surprise, then ask the kinda sorta setter uppers. Kinda sorta setter uppers probably told him that she is older than he is, anyway. that's enough info for now. Either agree to be set up or don't if you are shallow.

2) Even if 1) does not apply, you play the detective game. What fun is "date of birth, please." None. And it won't help you get to first base, either. No, Mr. Wet Noodle, you ask questions that provide you the answer while at the same time learning something about the person and serving as a conversation carrier. I am not going to share my questions because they are trade secrets. But I think you get the idea.

dori said...

what's your friend's hangup with being 29, anyway?

Kathleen said...

I hear you, dilettard -- I think that when I was dating, I was fond of the "tell me a fun fact about you". Worthwhile people tend to come up with very interesting/funny replies to that request pretty quickly. Anyone that thinks it is a dumb request or cannot think of anything -- let's just say a second date was not in the cards.