Monday, October 20, 2008

The "Kathy" Offends Me More Than The "Brain Trust"

Today's post, courtesy of guest blogger, Dori (Aural Pleasures).
(She has been reading a journal she kept during our semester in London 20 years ago.)

"I hit the motherlode -- at the back of the journal I did a quick "list
of people with their outstanding traits" and here's yours:

Kathy Steenberg: 1/4 of the "brain trust' as the 4 tri-sigs were dubbed the first week. She and Tim had something going. Kathy has the best sense of humor I've ever heard on a girl, but she can be a little... risque I guess.



dilettante07 said...

Did you run around in some sort of vaudeville flapper outfit or something?

Couldn't pass a steam grate without stopping and letting your skirt blow up around your head?


Kathleen said...

I let my ankles show. And I am a harlot. Apparently, I've always "had something going" with a Tim.

dori said...

Guest blogger? LOL How about "unaware" blogger? I'll have to make sure my grammar and punctuation are good before I send you any more emails!

JenBC said...

Oooohhh... Ambush blogging. I like it.