Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Christmas Gift

My friend, Lisa, and I were talking about our iPhone auto-correct recently, when a "true, dat" comment I meant for her to receive turned into a head scratching "true far."

I think by now, everyone has seen the list of best-of auto-corrects that was making its way around the Internet -- which is unfortunate, because the one that Lisa shared with me today is better than any of those.

She told me that last week, after her teenage son missed his ride, she texted him and said "walk to your friend's house and I will pik u up later."

Innocuous, right?

Or at least it was until the iPhone auto-correct changed it to:
                                                 "I will oil u up later."

It's a slippery slope,


Ed said...

I h8 autoe correk.

BigSis said...

Sent to the wrong person that could really get slippery.

Moooooog35 said...

I could using an oiling up.

Just sayin.

Brutalism said...

Ed - True, far.

BigSis - I'm wondering if she now writes that she is going to oil people up when she means pick them up...if the reverse works. I'll have to ask.

Moooooog - Great. Way to ruin the Christmas present I got for you.

YinMetYang said...

Are we sure her auto-correct was on or do we maybe need to make a phone call to Child Protective Services?

Brutalism said...

YMY - I'm a step ahead of you. That knocking at your door? It's CPS, not UPS...

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I had that feature on my other phone, but I turned it off because it drove me nuts. Being an Okie I say allot of words wrong and mostly on purpose. ;)

schwindler zvi said...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year
I like your style, quick and bold
Zvi Tel Aviv, Israel

Johnny Virgil said...

Surely you've visited damnyouautocorrect.com? The funniest way to waste an hour that I know of.