Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Indonesia or Bust?

My latest Oakton Patch column is up today.

It is about (inadvertently) taking our daughter to a fetish festival when she was an infant.

(Which I have noticed is a glaring omission in most baby books under the "milestones" heading.)

Hope you enjoy it as much as Canetto enjoyed the women wearing nothing but body paint,


Straight Guy said...

Consider yourself lucky. We once took a trip with our 6-month old. As we got off the plane in AZ, I said "I hope you like Phoenix, because we just moved here."

The flight was that bad.

Brutalism said...

Ugh, Straight Guy. Not what I wanted to hear. (Though, very funny.) We have never done more than a 3-hour flight (or 8-hour car rides).I'm still optimistic. Idiotically so.