Saturday, March 05, 2011

Brutalism vs. Stack o' Crap - Worst WWE Event, Ever

While attacking the stack 'o crap in my kitchen this morning, I came upon my notes from BlogHer 2010, written during the humor panel featuring Lizz Winstead, Jessica Bern and Jennifer, which included nuggets of wisdom like the following:
  • How can I do this [promotions/advertising on my blog] without being a whore? (Blogging...and life in general?)
  • Yeah, I really wrote that. Gawd, my handwriting is terrible.
  • Idea for sponsorship: Dilettante Chocolates
  • Lizz Winstead is funny -- she said she has written a new self-help book called "Fuck you"
  • Follow these humorists: Molly Ivins, Tina Fey, Lynda Barry, David Sedaris, Amy Sedaris (but not too closely...this has gotten you into trouble before...coff coff...Padma Lakshmi)
  • Lizz Winstead is funny again -- "I'm not an economist, but I'm not a dipshit."
With note-taking skills like that, my solid 1.95 average in college is beginning to make some sense, isn't it?

If you haven't already, read this week's Oakton Patch column. It is my recap of the Oscars. (And has me wishing I had not edited out my favorite line, "even the usually reliable sartorial insanity of Helena Bonham-Carter was absent -- she was wearing basic black.") So please pretend that is still in there.

Revisionist historian,


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Haha, you're right! It was all wrong. I never noticed till you said. I did notice that every year I get more and more avid about someone installing a trap door on the stage that winners have to stand on, which triggers the moment someone either thanks their producer or starts reciting a list of names. And it would be optional but, maybe under the trap door, could be a vat of burning oil or something? :)

Moooooog35 said...

why do you not want to be a whore?

It's kind of what I aspire to and you're CHEAPENING IT.

Sandra said...

You are a pleasure to read.
Got a little jealous at first when I read you were at BlogHer 2010, but I quickly got over it at your fabulous notes. I felt like I was there in person! Ha! I love you!

Brutalism said...

VA - Now THERE is a concept to keep things lively during the broadcast. (And who doesn't like anything better when it is fried? Am I right?)

Moooooog - (whore) I did not (whore) mean to rain on (whore) your (whorish) parade. I don't think you're a whore.

Sandra - So happy I could bring the experience to you. (And those were the BEST notes I took, which is why I saved them.) That was some money well spent.