Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Full Moon

I'm hoping that by now, you have all seen the infamous YouTube video of the Virginia Beach guy mooning the camera during Hurricane Irene.

As a Virginia Beach native, I have nothing but (heh) respect for this glimpse of my hometown brethren.

Or for the nonchalance the rest of my family showed in the eye of danger.

Read about it in this week's Oakton Patch Column: Crisis Mismanagement.  (Includes a link to the video of the guy mooning the camera. You're welcome.)


MDubs said...

What made me so sad was that YouTube removed the video of him showing us his wang as well. How dare you YouTube. HOW DARE YOU! The 757 makes me nothing but proud!

Brutalism said...

YouTube = total prude. Love that you are also 757-bred.

Ed said...

He was testing the theory that Hurricanes never strike during a Full Moon.