Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We're Number One! (+ 35)...

Lovely Oakton, Virginia was just listed as Number 36 in Money Magazine's Top 100 places to live in the United States.

This is in spite of our poor past showing in terms of use of porn in this oak-filled burg, and in spite of my psychotic neighbors.

Though Oakton did earn some points by having a local Patch site that hired me to write a weekly column and actually pays me to come up with 27 penis euphemisms.

It was nice of Money magazine to acknowledge a city that I have come to love in the past ten years that I've lived here. And we are definitely prepared to take over the duties of "Best Place to Live" if the other 35 are unable to fulfill their duties for any reason.



Anonymous said...

My city is one of America's safest cities.

Brutalism said...

Ms. Givens - Congratulations on that. Safety first, they say. (I'm convinced they rotate all the cities around in each list every year to sell magazines...but still...it's fun when you see your city listed.)

Abby (Abigail if I'm in trouble) said...

Apparently my entire state did not even make the list...that has got to make us winner of SOME kind of contest...like least desirable state in the U.S. Always a silver lining!

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

I don't want to steal your thunder here, but the city I live in was ranked 69! That's right, I said 69.

OK, I actually live in Portland and it was West Linn that was ranked 69th, but West Linn is pretty much just a suburb of Portland and I have driven through it.


Brutalism said...

Abby - You just described me playing the lottery. I think there should be some prize for consistently missing every single number.

Christian - I don't get it...that's lower on the list...why so happy? (Ha ha - I kid. And I have list position envy. Thunder-stealer...)