Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This past weekend, I had a bit of a meltdown because I'm feeling overwhelmed. (And because I had a stye the size of a watermelon in my eye.)

You totally want me.

My husband was very understanding because he was recently juggling getting all of our financial information together to refinance our house, scheduling life insurance physicals, researching, test-driving and negotiating for a new car, and doing our taxes.

I'm overwhelmed because of a Peeps diorama and a trapeze class:
One of the nine thousand ridiculous things that is consuming my time lately. But this was so fun.
Read all about it here.
It's not the events that overwhelm is the lack of time to sit, do nothing and recharge. Even though I love doing things and being around people, I also love being by myself and not having to be anywhere. (Particularly when I look like the Elephant Man thanks to my stye-the-size-of-North-America). 

Whatever. When I don't have things to do, I get bored in about an hour. So even though I complain, I like having commitments. Like writing a weekly column and then shilling it for all I am worth: (Last week's was about how we roll around naked in piles of money here in Fairfax County, Virginia. This week's? A Lent vent.)

Maybe I should re-think that stance on Lent and give up whining for a while?


Trucking Tumbleweed said...

Go easy on yourself woman. You have a job, a family, creative adventures with Peeps. You're hands are full and you're still productive!

Plus, your eye is proably scaring people and you need to stay inside. =)

Chantel said...

Lol--we have Peep Wars here at my house. (you stick toothpicks in two peeps like their swords, position them on a plate facing each other and microwave. Which ever stabs the other first wins!) That's what you get with three boys.

I passed a bar on my way home yesterday that has a huge sign out front--"Eat fish or go to Hell."

middle child said...

Are Peeps still legal. Gag.

Ed said...

I was going to say something about how hot you look on that trapeze bar, then I noticed that ginormous stye in your eye.

Brutalism said...

Trucking T - I really should capitalize more on the stye to get me the alone time I crave. Nice thinking

Chantel - I have heard about Peep wars and have never done it -- sounds awesome. "Eat fish or go to hell" is going to be my status update on FB every Friday through Easter. That's fantastic.

Middle Child - I know. Every year, I try one, hoping that in some nostalgic way I will actually like them. Nope. Gross.

Ed - Thanks? It keeps me humble.

StephanieC said...

Never, EVER, EVER, should you give up whining.

Also? That trapeze looks awesome.

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

This year I gave up Lent for Lent. Which has been difficult because I'm not quite sure what I can and cannot do now.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

My stomach muscles heaved just by looking at that pic of you balancing upside down. -Not because you're disgusting or anything. -But because I know that takes a lot of core strength. And I had sympathy pains.

Hm. This comment is turning out way more insulting than I meant it to be.

ClevelandPoet said...

sometimes whining is the best/only way to recharge or get through the going ons.

my wife often piles lots of things on her plate (she loves to do things) but then forgets sometimes she needs to just sit and do nothing for sometime to be able to fully enjoy the various things. Then she feels guilty for doing nothing, it's almost like survivors guilt.

Brutalism said...

Stephanie C - For you, I will never give up whining.

Christian - My head just exploded. Particularly because in addition to all that Lent stuff...your name is "Christian"

YLIDHAG - If you really want your stomach to heave, get a whiff inside the tent where trapeze is held. Smells like stinky feet. And not the good kind.

Cleveland Poet - It is totally like Survivors Guilt - I love that analogy. This is why you're a Poet.

Gay Guy said...

How's that Peeps diorama going?

Brutalism said...

Gay Guy - Completed! And submitted to four contests across the country. We have one more to submit it to and we're done for another year. We were very proud of our theme this year and then discovered during assembly that the theme was the cover of a New Yorker last fall. >sigh<