Sunday, March 18, 2012


Right now, I'm walking around the house like I'm 80 thanks to the 8 miles I ran this morning with my friend, Amanda. Because I'm a mental patient, I don't like her to tell me the pace at which we're running, as I tend to slow myself down if I know I'm going fast, even if I feel okay. Then, it's like a big, fun, reveal at the end when she can disclose just how fast we ran. (Well, "fast" being relative. She kindly goes much slower than she could when running with me.) 

This is all part of my training regimen for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler on April 1st: an intense regimen that has included very little running and drinking several Guinness stouts and smoking a cigar (?) last night. (All very Irish, as it was a MACanudo.)

It really is shocking I'm not a professional athlete. (Then again, John Daly is, and he shares a similar training regimen.)

If there's anything I'm as good at as training, it is parenting. My friend, Jeannine, posted this to my Facebook wall this morning saying it reminded her of me. And frankly, I cannot disagree:

Yup. Pretty much captures my parenting philosophy.

Hope you all had great St. Patty's Days and celebrated accordingly. I swear I'm not a crazy cat lady posed my cat for a photo in honor of the holiday:
This is my big, fat, hunk o' love, Seamus. God, I love this cat.
And his tremendous belly.
I'm off for more Aleve. And more mouthwash...



Brett Minor said...

I have a friend that is a cigar nut. Every time I go to his house, he wants to smoke a cigar with me. They are always MACanudo's.

Not being a cigar person, I can barely finish them.

dilettante07 said...

My favorite is when I ask you if you want to know our pace, and you give me the look of death as though I've just asked you if I can have the last beer out of your fridge.

I'm going to call you George Burns from now on.

Brutalism said...

Brett - Yeah, it is something that sounds good to me about once a decade.

Dilettante07 - Don't mess with my system. I didn't even talk about how I always have to run on your right, because then people would think I'm REALLY insane.

Goodnight, Gracie.