Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Stealing my Dignity

American Airlines just called to verify that an airline ticket from Mexico City to Bolivia that someone was trying to purchase with my credit card was authorized. And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I am on my second replacement card in less than a year.

>shakes fist at Gods of Internet commerce<

You'd think that would be the worst part. However, it is not. The worst part is that whoever stole my card thinks I'm small potatoes, as is evidenced by the fact that the only other purchase made with the stolen card was at a One Stop in Bismarck, Arkansas, for a grand total of $3.63.

I guess my thief assumed I wouldn't notice an extraneous beef jerky purchase. (And, to be fair, I almost didn't.) And I could live with that had I not heard a tale from one of my friends who had his identity stolen. Apparently, his thief bought a Porsche Boxter -- something he discovered when he received the loan documents in the mail.

So now I just have a lot of misplaced anger for my thief. What -- I'm so un-fabulous that you don't even try to buy season tickets for the Lakers? Some haute couture? A share of a private jet? What about dinner at a nice restaurant? A few good bottles of wine? A botox touch-up? Nope. Just $3.63 worth of convenience store crap in Arkansas, no less. Is that all I'm good for? A roadside Red Bull?  

Defrauded and deflated,

***Thanks for the link today, DC Blogs. I know you'd use my card for something fabulous.***


Jane S. said...

I feel your pain (and humiliation). My most recent fraud incident involved someone in France trying to use my card to purchase World of Warcraft characters.

Is that all I'm good for? Geeeeez.

Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

I haven't had my identity stolen yet, but I did get notification that the Canadian government lost a hard drive with a bunch of personal info.. So any day now, I figure.

Brutalism said...

Jane - I am so sorry. Hopefully the credit card company realized right away that you are NOT a World of Warcraft gal. Offensive.

Yandie - Please tell me that your real identity is "Yandie, Goddess of Pickles" because I am envisioning a thief walking into an electronics store with that name on a credit card.

Maggie said...

ugh, ME TOO!! Second card in less than six months! The first time, it was some sort of hotel in a foreign country. Somewhat interesting, at least. This time? Wal-mart and Jack In the Box. Gross.

Brutalism said...

Maggie - Right? You kind of hope that if someone goes assumes that kind of risk it is to live the dream. And that dream does not include Wal-Mart and Jack in the Box.

MOV said...

ummmm.... the thieves do a small purchase first just to make sure you have not cancelled the card and that the purchase will go thru. And they clearly think you are très très fabuloso as evidenced by them attempting to buy an international airline ticket (probably in first class, am I right?).

I know all about these things, as my identity was almost stolen twice. (Turns out, no one wants my identity after all, not even me sometimes.)


Annie Valdez said...

I agree with you, MOV. That’s their usual trick to ensure their security while using the card. And next, they would try to buy things as frequently as possible, until you got yourself buried alive with debt. The good thing is, some banks have a system on how they can protect their clients.

Annie Valdez

Brutalism said...

MOV -- True about the international travel. Thanks for the validation.

Annie -- I'm feeling much better. Thank you!