Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Should Start A Movement

During lunch, I met my husband for a walk on the W&OD Trail. While I was driving him back to his office, we passed this abomination:

Yes, I understand that doggie salons require cutesy names, just like cupcake store owners are required to wear tutus and government workers are required to take the entire month of December as vacation. And I can appreciate that. What I cannot abide is when a PERFECTLY GOOD play on words is RIGHT UNDERFOOT (so to speak) and the business owner falls just short of a spectacular naming opportunity. It is just such a waste (snicker). I mean, don't these salon owners have a duty (heh) to brainstorm until the perfect name emerges from the pile?

DOG 'DO, for CHRISSAKES! DOG 'DO is the perfect name! It was right there! Dog-a-Do isn't even an acceptable #2 choice (cough, cough).

They better not come crying to me when it all hits the fan.

Available for all of your corporate naming needs,

P.S. Many thanks to The Poop Thesaurus -- what a fantastic research tool.


kath said...

Agreed on all points. Thanks for speaking out and taking this important information public. Je Suis Do.

ClevelandPoet said...

Could have been worse it could have been do-a-dog

Brutalism said...

Kath - I am very brave.

CP - Fair point. It also could have been Doggy Style, so perhaps Dog-a-Do is really not that horrible. (Yes, it is.) And I've missed you, by the way...

Anonymous said...

Hey now, tread lightly my friend! This salon is where my beloved dog Flip used to get his once a year new do haircut and needless to say, the true irony of the place is that the owner's name is Kat.

Brutalism said...

Anonymous - I could not love that any more.