Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy 12th Anniversary Of Our First Date, Canetto

And how fitting that we spent part of it at the Patriot Center (go Mason!)

February 2, 1996 -- Groundhog Day:

There was a MAJOR snowstorm and we had met for happy hour at the (no longer in existence) Don Pablo's in Oakton. A woman came up and gave us tickets she had to the Alabama concert at the Patriot Center -- she was not going to go because of the weather and asked if we'd use them.

Armed with a six-pack of Rolling Rock and a disposable camera, we headed to the Patriot Center with our Alabama tickets and a sense of adventure.

The opening band missed the concert because they were stuck in the snow somewhere. So, we got to see Alabama perform about three songs and then the concert was over. From there, we went out in Old Town Fairfax (to T.T. Reynolds for some food, and then some bar that is no longer there to play pool). Then, we went back to my apartment in Centreville, where I made you sleep on the couch while I slept upstairs in my bedroom. (Not even sanitizing this in case mom reads it -- it's the truth. Selective morality even back then.) The next morning, we got up and went to breakfast where we made plans for Valentine's Day and your birthday (February 17th) and just sort of became a couple from the day of our first date. (Well, and after knowing each other for almost eight months in business school/counseling each other through our respective break-ups/going out with groups of friends several times.)

Thanks for 12 great years. (Well, more like 11 great years, 8 so-so months, and 4 god-awful months). Just kidding. They've all been great -- or at least manageable with a lot of booze.

You're the best -- our kid is the best -- and our lives are pretty damn good. I love you.

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