Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And I Did It All In An Ethel Merman Voice, Too

Avery is currently in love with a book called "The Terrible Underpants."

We have to read it as many as three times in a row at bedtime. It's a story about a girl (Wanda-Linda) and her pet wombat (Glenda) and the fact that Wanda-Linda needs to get dressed for school and cannot find any nice underpants to wear, so she is forced to wear the "terrible" underpants (they are baggy and stretched out and have a juice stain on them). (For the record, the baggy and stretched out I can understand...but how does one get a juice stain on their underpants?)

Anyway...she loves this book. And this morning as we were driving to school, she asked me to SING "The Terrible Underpants."

So, I sang it. I came up with a tune and sang the story of the Terrible Underpants. It must have been okay, because Avery was laughing her head off in the back seat.

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