Saturday, May 02, 2009


As I was leaving the restroom at my office yesterday, I saw that someone had printed a sign and taped it to the inside of the door which read, "Please wash your hands before leaving the bathroom!!!" Which begs the following:

Aren't we all getting a little cuckoo about this whole swine flu thing?

and much, much more importantly:

Who do I work with that needs a reminder to do this after using the bathroom?


Sean Scully said...

I love "employees must wash hands," as if it is better to have customers running around with poop on their hands.

Brutalism said...

Sean - So true/gross/hilarious.

dilettante07 said...

Well, the customer IS always right, so if they want poop on their hands, there must be an excellent reason for it. Maybe it pairs well with the brie.

Dilettard07 said...

I've always wanted to put one of those signs in the restroom at my office (any office I've worked at). Not so much because I think people need to be reminded (although my observations do show that some do), but just because. Ideally it would read "team members" instead of "employees" and have some fast food logo on it.

My take on Swine Flu? Biggest nothing of the decade thanks to a slow news week.

Brutalism said...

All I know is that sometime this week, I'm totally going to write, "this means YOU, Janean" so everyone thinks Janean is Poop Hands. I'm fun to work with.