Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GILF Dearest

The weeks, they pass so quickly.

My Oakton Patch column is up -- this week, I make reference to private parts, the f-word, my mom and urine.


The column was fun while it lasted,

UPDATE: Great interview with Kady from A Lady Reveals Nothing at So...What Else? I loved her and her traveling lifestyle even before I got to the part where she listed me as one of  her favorite bloggers. Loved her more after. Check it out!


Ed said...

Now THAT sounds like a worthwhile read.

Kady Hexum said...

Jeesh, thanks for the mention! I'm already on the phone with my dad's cousin, who is the head judge of the Peeps Diorama contest at the Chicago tribune.

Actually...that's not true.

Brutalism said...

Ed - Thanks for reading and commenting at the Patch. Did I have you at "my mom and urine"?

Kady - I'm so ridiculous that I was slightly excited. (Okay, very) about the judging connection. Somehow, I will find the will to go on.

P.S. I am completely living vicariously through you.