Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Even With Two Lives, I Can't Come Up With 100 Things

A lot of us bloggers lead double lives -- our real life and our blog life. My take on this duality (and my own Arnold-like admission) is detailed in this week's At Home with Brutalism column at the Oakton Patch.

Also, here is a link to last week's At Home with Brutalism column, in which I attempt to create a list of "100 things I want to do before I die" (and make it all the way to number 31). I'm an achiever.

Making you feel better by comparison since 2004,


Straight Guy said...

I really get the double life issue. Both GG and I would like to be able to blog without fear. We don't even go very far into NSFW territory, but we'd like to keep our professional web presence separate from the GG/SG deal... just in case we ever have to look for work again.

You are much braver than we are, but sometimes I wish I didn't give a crap. But for now, Straight Guy stays in the closet, as it were.

Brutalism said...

Straight Guy/Closet Dweller - I hear you. I certainly hope that if I ever have to look for a new job, the hiring manager has a sense of humor. Or is blind.

You say brave...I say not that bright.