Sunday, May 08, 2011

Leaving Us Hung Out To Dry

Not mine. And I'm a little sad it means I'm getting older since when I saw
this in the parking lot of my local 7-11 recently, I did not for one minute
worry that it might be.
Although, my dirty laundry is becoming more and more public thanks to my increasingly frequent trips to the local laundromat.

Hey, a girl has to socialize somewhere.

Actually, our horrible, terrible, loud, worthless, ridiculous, awful, almost-brand-new-supposed-to-be-awesome-frontloading washing machine has been an utter piece of crap since we bought it. We have had five (read it: FIVE) service calls (one of which involved the repairman doing something so unseemly in our downstairs bathroom that we have promised, for our own sanity, to never speak of it again) and the effing thing still is not fixed.

Because we don't have a reliable washing machine right now, we just go as long as we can before it gets to the point where we're in danger of having nothing but formal gowns (Canetto) and overalls (me) to wear to work, and then we pack up the car and head to the laundromat. (Which, by the way, my daughter thinks is about the most fun anyone can have and will sit and stare at the washing machines for the duration of the wash cycle.)

Note to self: Put 529 plan contributions toward something that might have a better chance of paying off. Like betamax.

This new washing machine came highly recommended by Consumer Reports and replaced a 35-year-old Kenmore that was still working. But it was old, and our dryer had just died, so we figured it was a good time to replace them both.

I think that just because something is older it does mean that it has lost its value and sometimes the newer version of something, while shiny and pretty on the surface, is not necessarily better. I feel like there is an analogy here, but I'm not quite sure what it is. (Donald Trump...)

The washer repairman and his digestive issues are scheduled to come again this Wednesday to finally resolve the problem. Looks like I'll be wearing my Flashdance sweatshirt and MC Hammer pants to a client meeting tomorrow.


middle child said...

Oh, man! You're gonna look soooo hot! Are you going to wear the road-kill bra or do without?
Word verif. is BLESS. Pretty cool don't 'cha think?

laughingmom said...

If you really run low on clothes, you can start patrolling the 7-11 for prospective goodies in their lots!

Trucking Tumbleweed said...

Yeah, laundromats pretty well suck. Folding your underpants in front of strangers in not as fun as it sounds.

Gilahi said...

Yeah, that's what I keep telling my wife. Just because something is older doesn't mean it's lost its value and she shouldn't think about replacing it with a newer model.

Moooooog35 said...

Are you suggesting Hammer pants are out of style?!?!?!

Brutalism said...

Middle Child - I definitely think the road kill bra will complete the ensemble. Nice thinkin'

Laughingmom - Also solid thinking. is so green to do so. (Probably figuratively and literally). (Just threw up a little in my mouth typing that.)

Trucking T - Is that the story you're sticking with? Becuase I've heard things about you. And your underpants.

Gilahi - I just remind my husband that it will probably cost more in the long run. Try that.

Moooooog - While we're at it...the "fade" doesn't really work anymore, either.

Trucking Tumbleweed said...

Totally sticking with it. The story I mean, not that I have sticky underpants.

dilettante07 said...

You can wash you clothes at my place, for chrissake. I know it's a trek, but we have a gong...and a kegerator.

rickybollinger said...

You're gonna look so hot

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Bev said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bev said...

When I saw the pic, I said, damn, that sucks, bras are expensive, and its even her black one, a staple for all women, she's gonna be sad when she realizes its gone. Thats my poor Chicago housewife perspective on it, LOL.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

So how wrong is it if I should say, hypothetically, inquire as to the repair man's doings in the downstairs bathroom? Was it "mondo, poop explosion" bad or was it "Ke$ha singing without auto-tune" bad?

Brutalism said...

Trucking T - Eeeeewwwww. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Tante - After my washing machine gets fixed, I may still want to do laundry over there. I want a gong and a kegerator.

rickybollinger - Yes.

Bev - I know. I had the same thought. It's a nice-looking bra. Some poor woman somewhere is sad about that. But not as sad as her parents are.

VA - I cannot speak of it. Let's just say it involved the plumbing. The KE(dollar sign)HA song I could have handled. Not well, but I could have handled it.

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