Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blog, Thy Name Is Brutalism

Thought I'd clear up why this blog is named what it is. (Figured if Canetto didn't know, then my huge audience of three may not, either).

I chose the name after Canetto and I went to Chicago and did the architecture boat tour. There we learned of a style of architecture called "brutalism." Some say this style is unfriendly and uncommunicative -- others say it is integrating and protective. Still others say that the style disregards the social, historic and architectural environment of its surroundings, which makes it seem starkly out of place and alien. (I feel like I'm back in AP Art History -- gag -- primarily because I just copied that word-for-word from an on-line encyclopedia.)

The style looks rough and unfinished...that's the main reason I thought it would be a good name for a blog. Rarely are my entries thought out or even edited...they're just sort of thrown out there. (Perhaps, then, I should have called it "Kathleen -- after two bottles of Prosecco")


Anonymous said...

Haaa..I think its a great name and catchy too....dont forget you are on LOL today and tomorrow...EnJoY..!

Anonymous said...

Brutalismo is great as is this sculpture but don't steal this paper.