Tuesday, March 04, 2008


For once, my affinity for time-wasting via the Washington Post chats has paid off. Sure, I've had my comments posted before, and have a running "Sloppy Carl" gag that I toss into Weingarten's chat periodically. But today's comment for the Fashion chat has resulted in STUFF. To wit:

Suzanne D'Amato: Good morning, everyone. Janet and I are here to help sort out all of your spring fashion issues. Wondering what to wear next season? Send us your questions! And once again, we have a special treat for two lucky readers. We're giving away luxe beauty goodies to the two chatters who have the best, funniest, most insightful comments/questions. Today we've got a trio of body scrubs by French brand Caudalie, plus a Kiehl's cleanser and toner duo that is suitable for all skin types. So get ready to wow me and Janet with your clever comments. At the end of the hour, we'll announce who's won our contest. Without further ado... let's talk shop.

Fashionistas: I love shoes -- and sometimes buy kinda eclectic ones thinking that the perfect occasion or outfit will materialize. Sometimes it works -- like when I wore my psychedelic 70s "groove is in the heart" platform shoes with an orange dress to a friend's California wedding. However, I bought a pair of fabulous shoes that I do not know what to do with. I ordered these from the Boden catalog --they are black and white dalmation print (stay with me here) with a kitten heel and red trim. They're totally cool...but I have no idea what to wear with these so that they don't look costume-y. (or is that just a lost cause?) Any ideas? Signed, Cruella DeVille

Suzanne D'Amato: Your shoes sound absolutely fierce, and not too hard to match at all. We featured a very similar-sounding pair in Sunday Source some time ago, with a red dress and black opaque tights. If that sounds too matchy-matchy, you could certainly pair them with jeans, perhaps with a Chanel-esque tweedy jacket. Other colors are fine to add into the mix, but I'd make sure they're of a similar intensity with the red. (No pastels.) Also, need I add that you should not wear anything else that brings to mind the call of the wild? No zebra stripes, leopard spots, or anything else of the sort.

And the goodies:
Their choices for winners: Suzanne D'Amato: Thanks so much for joining us today! Janet and I are pleased to announce the winners in our beauty giveaway. To Cruella de Ville, owner of the dalmatian-print shoes, we offer the Caudalie gift set. To the chatter who wrote in with the tip on Target's retro-enamel accessories, we have the Kiehl's cleansing duo. Please email me at trendspotter@washpost.com with your name and mailing address, and we'll get your prizes shipped out to you. And to everyone else, see you again in two weeks!

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