Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wreckfast At Tiffany's

Tonight, we decided we should get a little culture and went to the free exhibit at the Arlington Arts Center. This was a graffiti art exhibit featuring live painting, DJs, fashion and a panel discussion about graffiti and hip-hop.

When we got there, Avery was fascinated with the graffiti artists outside, and plopped herself in the grass nearby to watch them create, asking questions the whole time. When we went inside the center, they had a great exhibit and Tim and I took turns listening to the panel discussion, which was really interesting.

It was a cool thing to do, improved by the fact that Tim is now in glasses for three weeks leading up to his lasik surgery, and the glasses he got are rectangular with thick black frames, making him look tres artsy-fartsy. Also, my toddler mistakenly thought an exceptionally beautiful (and much younger) woman was me -- running up to her and screaming, "mommy." (That part was cute. The part where I could see the wheels turning in Mr. Artsy Fartsy's brain about how he could replace me with the better "mommy" with Avery being none the wiser -- not so much.)

Anyway, when we left, we talked about going for a drink since it was only 8:00pm. Tim and I were non-committal. Avery, on the other hand, was all for it, piping in from her car seat, "I wanna go for a drink!" So, we drove into Clarendon and looked for parking...and she helpfully noted, "there's a spot." We ultimately decided to head home, worried about the possible smoke and noise factor, and also the impending bedtime factor (ours, not hers -- the kid is a party).

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