Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Reply All" And Other Buttons I Should Never Be Allowed To Click

As a somewhat responsible parent who wants her daughter to have friends and be invited to birthday parties, I tend to rein it in a little bit around other parents I do not know that well. (For instance, only a few of them know I write a blog that discusses swinging with alarming regularity.)

Therefore, I habitually remove the Brutalism signature line from my Yahoo e-mails when I am writing to  parents of Avery's friends (or my boss...or my in-laws...or my parole officer...) I'm kidding, of course. My in-laws totally know about Brutalism.

Yesterday, during a RIDICULOUSLY-LIFE-SUCKING-E-MAIL-CHAIN-THAT-INVOLVED-47-E-MAILS-BACK-AND-FORTH-ABOUT-WHICH-TEACHING-ASSISTANTS-SHOULD-BE-INCLUDED-ON-THE-END-OF-YEAR-GIFT-LIST-AND-FOR-WHICH-I-HAD-ALREADY-CONTRIBUTED-AND-THEREFORE-ASSUMED-THIS-WAS-CHECKED-OFF-MY-TO-DO-LIST, I simply hit "reply all" in my haste to add my two cents. (Essentially: I am happy to pay whatever it takes to be removed from this e-mail chain.) So, the Brutalism signature line went out to a bunch of people I know in passing...and whose children go to school with my daughter.

After I realized what I had done, I figured it wasn't so bad...but went to check my most recent post just in case anyone clicked through. And, fortunately, it was only about MULTICULTURAL GAY FOURSOMES.

This is why I am never invited to join any Moms Groups,


BigSis said...

Well, at least you know why :) I am still trying to figure out which part of my dazzling personality scares people off.

Dilettard07 said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh I don't know about that. I suspect you will now be asked to join a lot of suburban moms groups now. "Groups."

They probably all thought you are straight laced.

Pretty soon you'll be wondering why all of Avery's friend's parents are inviting you to naughty nighty parties, sex toy/tupperware parties, Robert Mapplethorpe retrospective parties, Robert Mapplethorpe theme birthday parties, multi-cultural Twister parties, body latex workshops, etc. etc.

You are going to have to use your blog to ask some of us dear readers to help you figure out what some of the perversions actually are. And only Moooog35 will be able to enlighten the rest of us.

Moooooog35 said...

I sense a lot of dads emailing you in the future.

Or multicultural women.

Either way, photos are appreciated.

Brutalism said...

BigSis - That's true. It is nice to have something to blame it on. Maybe that could be the tag line for my blog: "It's nice to have something to blame it on."

Tard - Remember the night the Dilettantes came home with liquid latex from our horror makeup class? does Canetto.

Moooooog - How do you even get comments on MY blog? (Albeit from someone who does not understand how many "Os" you warrant.)

Dilettard07 said...

Hey, well I respect the "35" part at least.

Brutalism said...

Tard - So true. I have completely dropped the "35" for no good reason, which is definitely missed more than a couple of surplus Os...

Anonymous said...

There is a way you can reverse an email and un-send it but I cant remember how. I'd ask our IT guy but he is out today.

Gorilla Bananas said...

You have the perfect name for a dominatrix. All you need is a new profile picture with a whip in your hand.

ShutUpandRun said...

See, I think everyone is covertly a gay alcoholic swinger, so you probably just made a lot of new friends who think that you will understand them. Nice going!!

Jason the Absurdist said...

I would totally invite you to a Moms group.

Especially because I'm a Dad.

Who likes Moms who talk about swinging.

Well, other than swinging rolling pins. (Does anyone really do that any more? Never mind - I don't really want to know)

PS: Verification word = demis. Is that the recommended attire for these Moms groups?

Bradford said...

My overuse of the "forward" button is my undoing - forwarding and not stopping to look and make sure that the receiver of my message isn't being trashed somewhere in the email chain that I just sent. I'm a pro at this.

ZenMom said...

You can be in MY mom group any time. :)

Brutalism said...

Ms. Givens -- Good to know. I'll have to check that out with our IT Guy here. (Hi, Adam!)

Gorilla Bananas -- wouldn't me with a whip confuse the baboons?

SU&R - It would be funny if some of the preschool parents "came out" to me as swingers, thinking they had found someone who understands them. And instead, I would completely mock them and call them deviants.

Jason - I think the rolling pin/skillet swinging era is no longer. We should bring it back. Very retro.

Bradford - and then there is always that one horrible nanosecond where you realize what you've done, right? That's the worst (well, not as bad as an ax cut...but bad)

ZenMom - Thank you! I'll bring the Mexican s'mores

Miss Spoken said...

Well, your blog is called Brutalism ... not Rainbows, Unicorns and Making Nice With the Other Moms. Unless you like "making nice with other moms" in which case I agree with Moooog: photos would be appreciated.

Brutalism said...

Miss Spoken - And they told me my first movie "Making nice with other moms" would never come back to haunt me. (I only did that to pay for college, you know...)

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