Monday, May 19, 2008

All You Need Is Love (And Cocktails)

From the wedding we went to on Saturday. It was scheduled to take place in Mason District Park and hallelujah! Saturday was the one nice day we've had in weeks. Setting was gorgeous and the coolest part? The groom's sister sang all of the wedding music and played keyboard and the bride's brother played guitar. (She sang songs by Norah Jones, Ben Folds Five, Van Morrison and then All you Need is Love by the Beatles for the recessional). That, with the outdoor setting made for a very cool and very emotional ceremony. (And the fact that she had a fantastic voice -- you always wonder if that's a good idea when someone says their sister is singing in their wedding.)

All I know is that my dress was perfect for the dilettante dip and there was nary a dilettante in sight. >sigh<.

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