Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Very Steenberg Bathtime

When my sister and I were growing up, we loved it when our dad gave us baths. (Well, until high school, then it just got weird.)

I kid. He made bathtime so much fun (apologies to rubber ducky here). He gave each of our body parts special names that made us giggle uncontrollably:

legs were "legotomies"
arms were "armadillos"
chest was "a chest of drawers"
butt was "a dufty doodle"
feet were "tootsies"

Then, to dry off, he'd have us stand on a towel and lift us up and down like it was an elevator.

Needless to say, we've taught Avery the nonsensical names of her body parts since her very first bath. She loves it as much as I used to. I'm sure my dad would be thrilled with this legacy.

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