Friday, May 09, 2008

Laser? I Just Met Her.

Canetto got his lasik today!

We got there around 8:45 and we left at around 9:30 -- amazing! He got about halfway through the big breakfast I made him (he was instructed to "eat light" this morning and he has a metabolism that doesn't do "eating light" -- especially after not eating all night, so he could not wait to dig in after the surgery) before the Valium started wearing off and he started getting uncomfortable. Fortunately, the nice people at TLC had given him Tylenol PM, so as soon as it started hurting, he fell asleep. (Not IN his breakfast, but almost. Too bad -- I could have added that to the photo album I've started that also includes photos him wearing goggles and being all drugged out. Lasik is funny.)

I've heard from everyone I know who has had this done that he is not even going to believe how good his eyesight will be. How exciting for him. How frightening for me --I tend to look better in "blurry."

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