Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brash Arriviste

Considering this as a new name for the blog. Or maybe just Arriviste.
Since I'll be making at least half a mil a year in ad revenues very, very soon, I'm looking for something catchier.



dilettante07 said...

I like Brutalism better. I don't really know what that title means or how to say it, and I'm really smart. You could always change the name to "Amanda's fan club". Just a thought.

Kathleen said...

How about "Over One Served"?

Thanks for weighing in. I'm sure it's the name that has prevented me from making millions.

Do you like the new (read: stolen) blog descrip?

dilettante07 said...

I think you need to start putting frequently searched words in your blogs (britney spears, barack obama, etc) so people will land on it and then decide you're hilarious. That, or change the background to hot pink and start yapping about your Birkin bag collection.

Over one served is pretty funny. But I like Brutalism? Why you be changin'?

Yes, I've been enjoying the blog descriptions--a nice new touch.

Kathleen said...

Yeah...I'm still meanin' to find a way to have a better layout. But that actually requires buying a "web design for dummies book" which actually requires some effort.

Dunno. Just thinking something catchier would be better. Also hate the fact that the web address cannot be cuz it's taken. I think that's confusing.

You love the Texas oil wife.

dilettante07 said...

You could buy and point it to your site or something like that.

Maybe you can ask the person who has the blogspot site to let you have it?

What do I know? Other than I wish I had more friends who oozed money.

Lovey Sunshine said...

How about 'Fist Raping Terror Blog-o-matic'?

I always thought that was kind of catchy, and would also take most of the Northern Virginia aristocracy by complete surprise. The very definition of 'brash arriviste'.