Friday, July 25, 2008

It Definitely Takes A Willage

A few days ago, our neighbor, Craig, came over with a locust shell and a locust that had met its demise in his birdbath. He refers to Avery as his "bugologist" and spent a considerable amount of time talking to her about how these locusts come around every 17 years and shed their exoskeletons and all that. She was diggin' it. He left both the no-longer-alive (we don't say "dead" yet) locust and the shell on the table out front so that she could check them out whenever she wanted (which has been every day since).

Also in the past few days while Connolly was visiting, she spent a tremendous amount of time with Avery (even letting Canetto and I go out to dinner alone one night -- big kiss, Connolly - muah!). One day, she bought flyswatters, Dawn liquid and about 300 small plastic cups. Since she has worked for children's musesums and currently works for a charter school, I know she always has something creative up her sleeve. The cups were to build with -- they did that while we were at dinner. And let me tell you -- 300 plastic cups to stack and re-stack and fill up with dried beans and to pass out to all of your dolls -- not just heaven -- but the heaven where Leo DiCaprio is wearing a loincloth while bringing you microbrews.

They did not get to the flyswatters and Dawn while we were out, so Tim and I grabbed those and ran upstairs with them -- yadda, yadda, yadda -- remind me to erase the camera phone.

Just kidding -- that was to make the best bubbles in the world. We did it last dip flyswatters into a Dawn/water combo and they make awesome bubbles. We played last night and of course, invited Craig over to play, too. And then we looked at the locust and the locust shell. Laugh if you will...but it was pretty much a perfect summer night.

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