Monday, July 28, 2008

They Call Me Sanchez

Meredith wrote me this morning that there is a public access show in NYC called "Dirty Sanchez's Skidmarks." She found it while channel surfing this weekend and immediately thought of me.

Equally appropriate was an occurrence this weekend when Avery inadvertently gave herself a chocolate mustache while eating a chocolate cupcake. While others thought it was cute, Leon immediately went down the "Dirty Sanchez" road.

Really, Leon? She's two. Do you see nothing wrong with going there? Are there no boundaries? (Besides, she strikes me much more as a Cincinnati Bowtie kinda gal.)


dilettante07 said...

Wait. All I said was "that reminds me of a Halloween costume I did once." I meant when I dressed as the Count of Monte Cristo and had a little moustache. Kathleen, you are gross. [This is from Leon, by the way]

Kathleen said...

Leon -- considering the amount of times I've mentioned you in this blog (in the most becoming of ways, incidentally) -- I'm glad you're finally commenting.

Why do you hate freedom?