Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Screening Process

A good problem we've been faced with this summer is how to take advantage of all of the really cool, free activities that are offered everywhere in this area. (If anyone knows of a better area in which to live -- especially when you have children -- I'd be interested to hear it. I cannot imagine that there is one.) In May, I printed out the schedules for the free outdoor concerts, movies, festivals and exhibits that I hoped we might be able to attend. So far, we've been doing a pretty good job of tackling the list.

We're especially excited for this coming weekend's "Drive-in Movie". Fairfax County sponsors this out in Centreville and shows kid-friendly movies with the whole drive-in experience (heavy petting? hickies?). "Bee Movie" is playing this weekend. We already saw this on Memorial Day weekend at the outdoor movie in Glyndon Park in Vienna. But, because the universal anthem of children is "AGAIN!" -- we are seeing the movie again.

Avery has already decided that she is bringing several blankies and babies with her in the car for this. And has been actively recruting her friends and teachers from day care to come along, too. It could get crowded.

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