Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My friend, Kira, who has young boys, shared the following story with me. One day, Justin (her oldest, about 8) came to her and said, "Mom? What's a rack?" She was worried that he had heard the term used as slang reference for a woman's chest and was already outlining the whole explanation she was going to have to give about respectful terminology and how that wasn't appropriate and all that. However, she also had eight years of parenting under her belt, which taught her to first clarify. She said, "Where did you hear that?" and he said, "on the news -- they're always talking about a rack (Iraq)". She was relieved momentarily until she realized that she was now going to have to try and explain a war to her 8-year old.

On that note, we recently found out our friend, Jay, is coming home from A Rack! He's been there 9 months (and left behind his wife and now 9-month old son). He'll be home for good in about a week. Best news we've heard in a long time!

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