Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mighty Neighborly

Our neighbor, Bonnie, came over last night with some hand-me-down clothes from her daughter, Nina and also, get this...A DISNEY PRINCESS SCOOTER!!! Nina has a big girl scooter now and generously decided to pass this on to Avery.

Especially cool is that Bonnie dresses Nina adorably...so the clothes we get from them are so cute. My little Pants is becoming a bit of a clothes horse, so I'm not sure which excited her more -- the clothes or the scooter.

I felt the need to pass on the generosity this morning, so I offered up the brand new megabox of Pampers that I purchased about a day before Avery decided she was potty trained to one of my co-workers who has a one year old.


Dilettard07 said...

Nice of you to make sure we all knew the megabox of Pampers was brand new and not also used.

Kathleen said...

An unnecessary detail? Just thought a little clarification might prevent the gross poop jokes. Then again, perhaps not.

BTW, Thanks again for the keg ordering/pick up/drop off and for bringing glasses and setting it all up to look nice and for making the cookies and all that stuff. Everything you and Amanda do for the party really makes it cool.

Dilettard07 said...

I thought that encouraging poop jokes was the whole point of this blog.

And you are welcome, and it's our pleasure. But you should email those comments to me. Don't want your readers to think you've gone soft. You have to stay in character on the blog.

Kathleen said...

Obviously, someone hacked into this blog and took over my comments.

I love poop! Poop jokes are the best jokes. Well, except for fart jokes. Farts are funny because they come out of your butt and they stink. We all know that.

And jeez...who's doing the gushing over Oktoberfest?

I'll get to the bottom of this...