Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tales From The Crypt

This evening, Canetto picked Avery up from school and then picked me up from my office so we could go out to dinner. There's a new Foster's Grille in Fairfax, which is good, because Foster's has a GPFKTASB rating (good place for kids that also serves beer).

After dinner, we went next door to some new gelato place. Avery wanted to sit with three kids she didn't know because they were all sitting at the kiddie table. Because they're kids, they were all like, "sure...come eat your gelato with us at this hippopotamus shaped table."

We walked across the street from there to see a musical performance. Fairfax Arts League was hosting an art exhibit and also had an Irish band playing outside in the plaza. They also had a face painter, so our daughter was transformed into a tiger. (Well, transformed into something kinda sorta resembling a tiger...not the best face painting, ever.) (Good God. It has reached a point where I can actually compare and contrast face painting.) (This is what having a kid does to you. A couple of days ago, I also purchased some size 3T Disney princess underpants.) (I wonder which "Imagineer" came up with those?)

While we sat on the half wall surrounding the fountain on the plaza listening to the Irish band, our little tiger danced her little heart out, much to the delight of the onlookers. She was the only one dancing and she was so completey un-self-conscious that it was adorable.

At that moment, Tim looked at my hands and said, "what's wrong with your hands?" and I looked down and realized that they were that creepy dead person shade of blue. Both palms were very blue and splotchy and the skin from the tip of my fingers down to the top knuckle on the back of my hands was also very blue.

We figured that we better leave in case I was, in fact, dead. (It was not cold outside and I don't normally have circulatory issues.) After we got home the blue tint went away. I'm trying to find out what may have caused this and don't have any idea -- webMD is turning up about a gazillion things it COULD be, but none sound feasible. Any ideas, anyone? Anyone ever experience anything like this before?



dilettante07 said...

Jesus christ--do you still have this condition? Have you been able to match it to your outfit for tonight? If it's really bad, I might have to pretend I don't know offense.

dilettante07 said...

Oh--There was a guy on Oprah once who was completely blue. He got the condition from drinking what was basically liquid silver. Have you been melting down your jewelry and guzzling it?

Kathleen said...

Crap. And who would've thought that was a bad idea? Note to self: stop drinking jewelry.

Lovey Sunshine said...

Are you hungry for brains yet?

Kathleen said...

I was afraid of that. I'm turning into a Zombie? Dammit. I don't know that you're ever prepared for that sort of thing...

Anonymous said...

The new jeans in the restaurant with just a tinge of sweat, Miss Scarlet.

Kathleen said...

Dear Clue lover:
That thought actually crossed Tim's he rubbed his hands on my pants to see if that was the culprit (at least that's the story we're sticking with).
It was not. And they were all splotchy and weird, too, so it was not a case of color transfer.