Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kathleen -- The Musical

I've had a trying day. Nothing major...just didn't sleep enough, ran some errands that involved trying to find ski pants for a toddler -- at one point this disintegrated into said toddler doing a ridiculous naked dance in front of a store mirror before running at top speed through the store (she didn't sleep enough, either).

Also, picked up the pottery from the last Dilettante activity at the art studio today. I must say -- this turned out way better than I anticipated -- and will be featured on that site as soon as my camera charges.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah...the glamorous thrill ride that is my life ended with meeting up with Avery's friend, Megan, and Megan's parents at the Fair Oaks Mall "kid pit". The girls are high drama during play dates -- we all just sit around amused when we get them together. However, that place drains me, as every three seconds, you are jumping up to retrieve your kid when they head out of the pit, or grabbing them out of the way of some big kid charging by.

By the time we made a stop at Old Navy on the way home to buy some toddler socks (see? glamorous. Anna Wintour sooooo wants to be me), Canetto and I were snapping at each other a little. He was hungry, it's a full moon (I'm reaching), and I haven't had a drink since the night before New Year's Eve (couldn't at it's kind of a deliberate action...and I'm so much nicer with beer).

All this to say, that I logged onto the computer for the first time today just moments ago to find a post on my friend, Maria's, blog that is dedicated to me. (Being a smart ass pays off -- let this be a lesson to you kids.) I learned that there is more to the "Kathleen" oeuvre than some drunk Irish guy (I'm sorry, is that redundant?) clutching a bar and singing "I'll take you home again Kathleen".

Maria, let me just say:
1) I love that Guitar Bomb song and my husband is a junkie -- so totally perfect
2) The Rideout and Shaw song should totally be a Chris Isaak song. I love Chris Isaak, and were it not for my loyalty to my junkie husband, I may be a groupie.
3) I'm not you like Townes Van Zandt?
4) Defiance, Ohio's song is my favorite of all of these -- maybe because I am hungry.
5) Yes! This is the one I always think of.

Anyway, all of this to say, what started out as a bit of a blah day ended with me smiling and listening to some great new music. You (and your site) rock.

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aaschirmer said...

Yeah--I noticed you weren't drinking beer last Thursday or Friday. What the hell?