Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yup. Way Smarter Than Me (Or Is It Way Smarter Than I?)

This morning, Aves and I were running late getting ready for work and school. I was getting testy and snapped at her to get into the car.

She asked, "are you mad at me?" and I said, "no" and then she asked, "are you just frustrated with the situation?"


dori said...

that's fantastic. Catie just yelled to me from the living room "Mommy! I can't find anything to watch on tv that's appropriate for me!"

dilettante07 said...

Too bad Bill Cosby doesn't have that "Kids Say the Darndest Things" show anymore.

You know it's a matter of days before she's blows an f-note in the middle of Giant, don't you?

Kathleen said...

The little stinkers are freakishly smart. I love that Catie said she couldn't find anything appropriate for her.

And Amanda -- we are apparently raising the Moral Majority. She has not yet said a bad word and if we say "dumb" or "sucks" (or anything stronger), she'll say, "dumb is a bad word, mommy".

She'll prolly also be a teetotaler.

dilettante07 said...

Dear god--is it too late to trade her in? I mean she's cute, but a teetotaler? Egad. The ultimate rebellion.

At least she loves Alfred E. Newman--I guess we can keep her around. Auntie Amanda has a good 15+ years to corrupt her.