Friday, September 24, 2010

Conversations With Scott

I was reminded again today that true friends are rare and should be treasured. Friends like Scott, who has helped me through some challenging times in my life and who you may remember from some earlier posts:

The one where he supports me when I need to initiate a difficult conversation

The one where he assists me with a very important work project

The one where he listens to my medical concerns

The one where he aids me during a personal crisis 

The one where he helped me figure out Google ads early in my blogging days

And who sometimes shares words of wisdom:

About the magic of the holidays

About friendship

I've shared heart-warming stories about him before:

About appreciating diversity

And the time he gave me a really sweet nickname

Everyone needs a friend like this.

A friend who posted on Facebook recently: "Heading to the Renaissance Fair with the wife and kids. Because nothing says1500s England like Korean kids eating cheesecake on a stick."(His kids are half Korean.)

Getting misty over here,


Moooooog35 said...

Pretty sure that at a Renaissance Faire they'd be called "Ye Olde Koreane Kidse eatingeth cheesecaketh on a sticketh."

See? Now they fit right in.

Ed said...

I disagree with Mooooog, for once.

I think they are normally cooking the food.

Brutalism said...

Moooooog - Thou speakeths the truth...eth

Ed - Ye olde kitten on a stick?

Straight Guy said...

I think Gay Guy has a friend who comes through in a pinch... just like Scott. He claims it's not me, but I know better.

Anonymous said...

Yep - scott is one of a days in the NSOC fer sure.

I recall when the server side scripting thing was going down, Ken's in there with a zillion news types and I loudly mentioned how us seasoned porn surfers get around that.

Of course Scott and IJ Hudson were the only ones interested.

Ya ought to ask to see the kitty carrier I sent him... I hear he loved it.

Racheeee said...

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Dilettard07 said...

Half Korean is the latest thing, so Scott is way ahead of the curve.

For example, I really enjoyed my visit to TaKorean food truck a couple weeks ago. Bulgogi in a tortilla. How can you go wrong?

I wonder if there is a bulgogi cheesecake?

Brutalism said...

Tard - Bulgogi cheesecake is like "Nantucket sleighride" or "cincinnati bowtie" isn't it?