Friday, January 25, 2008

Age Of Aquarius

Fun weekend o' celebration for my birthday:

Saturday morning: A rip-roarin' good time to be had with a 10-mile training run (yes, that's TEN MILES). Holy crap.

Saturday evening: My company's 20th anniversary party. They are hiring a band called "Fever - The Wrath of Polyester". I visited the band's web site and found another band there -- called "Nik and the Nice Guys" (guess all work for the same booking company). Anyway, Tim's friend from high school plays in Nik and the Nice Guys up in New York City. I e-mailed him yesterday and he knew the "Fever" band well. Small, small cheesy band world.

Sunday afternoon: Pole and chair dancing class with the Vegas crew. This should feel fantastic after the 10-mile run and dancing the day before. Counting on this to be sufficiently ridiculous.

Sunday evening: Dinner out with my Canetto and my Pants.

Monday: Ben Gay and Geritol

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dilettante07 said...

Umm...the vegas crew is encroaching on the dilettante universe. Unacceptable.