Monday, January 07, 2008

Sicky Sickerson

Sheesh. I got sick Christmas Eve and then was hideously sick on Christmas Day and the day after. Was fortunate enough to get a reprieve for the Vegas trip, but now -- sick again.

I've tried Sudafed, NyQuil, a prescription from my doctor, cough drops, Vicks rub, Airborne, herbal tea, Motrin, and/or a combination of all of these things for the past few weeks. Nothing is working to make me feel better.

Last year (Avery's first year in day care), I spent the better part of the first quarter of the year with some kind of sickness. I'm really hoping there won't be a repeat this year.

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Jeff said...

ummmmm. so at the top of your blog page are links to adds titled "I love gay men" "being gay" and a couple of other things referring to gay-ness...I am confused? I thought you were happy with Tim?