Monday, January 14, 2008

And The Benefits Are Good, Too

For my company's 20th anniversary, we're having a big bash at the end of the month. One of the company owners commissioned a videotape to chronicle the history of the company and get comments from all of the employees about what they like most about working for CSS. My friend, Terri, and I were filmed together...and this is what we had to say:

Terri: What if there isn’t anything I like about working at CSS?
Kathleen: C’mon Terri…there are things you like….Naked Tuesdays?
Terri: That's true. There's also the refreshing cocktail breaks every day at 3:30
Kathleen: ...and the liberal dress code policy (Kathleen points to Terri's short skirt)
Terri: Yeah, and the optional deliverables
Kathleen: Those are optional? Wow. I LOVE working at CSS.
Terri: (to the camera crew) Guys…can we wrap this up? It’s almost 3:30

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