Friday, January 04, 2008

Diversionary Tactics

An actual conversation between Carrie and Kira from our weekend in Las Vegas:

Carrie: "Remember that time we were in Key West on Spring Break and you dumped an entire kahlua and cream on my head?"

Kira: "So, you dated a pedophile"

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Jeff said...

An actual conversation between Cockey and Canedo:

Cockey: Remember that time you fired that guy a few days before x-mas, right after he bought a house and his wife gave birth to their second child?

Canedo: He was surfing porn at work.

(literal silence for a couple of seconds broken by Canedo with this gem)

Canedo: Remember when my mom sent me that email at work of that topless chick with the huge jugs running down the beach? God that was hilarious.....

And it was.....

Food for thought - I found out the other day that they have cameras videoing the bathroom hallway of my favorite bar.