Monday, January 14, 2008

The Great Defuser

Canetto has a way of making me laugh sometimes when I am furious with him.

Once, he was pulled over for speeding on the highway (after I had mentioned a couple of times that he might want to consider slowing down). As the cop was walking toward the car, Canetto sang in a falsetto sing-song-y voice, "Canetto is a lead foot." I burst into laughter. The cop is probably wondering why we were in such good spirits when he was about to issue such a hefty ticket.

Another time, we were having dinner with Tim's parents. Sometimes when we're with them, his table manners seem to regress to where they were when he was eight years old. This evening was a case in point. He was eating his salad...but pretty much picking up lettuce leaves and placing them on his fork, and then bringing the fork to his mouth. I was appalled, because he normally has very nice etiquette. I watched this for a few mouthfuls then said, agitatedly, "REALLY?" and he said, "I love my salad. So much that I must touch it." He's hilarious, that one.

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