Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Happy Baby To You

This past Saturday, I hosted a baby shower for the first time for my friend and fellow dilettante, Amy. She is due August 13th with a boy. She's doing a jungle theme in the nursery, so I did a jungle theme with the party. (You know me -- I love a good theme.)

The party was fun -- especially the part where everyone but the dilettantes, Amy's college sorority sisters and my mom went home. We all stayed and drank and shared dilettante/college stories -- all of which involved drinking.

We even did a couple of dorky games at the baby shower -- one involved freezing small plastic babies into ice cubes and seeing who could thaw their baby first and shout, "my water broke!" Amy's college friends took all the plastic babies after the shower and planted them around her house for her to find after they left. Plastic babies are funny.

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