Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We spent Father's Day weekend at Sesame Place -- just outside Philadelphia. Below are a few special memories:

1 - Avery wanted to help pack for Sesame Place. She busied herself in her room finding things to put in her suitcase. When I surveyed her progress? She had packed a stuffed piglet, a polaroid picture of her with the Geico lizard and half a bag of sun chips.

2 - At the park, she decided that she must have her face painted. I tried to steer her toward the Mike Tyson-esque "tribal tattoo", but she opted for "pretty princess" (apologies to Gloria Steinem)

3 - The sugar content in Elmo cupcakes and "long lollipops" combined with the excitement of Sesame Place keep a toddler awake for 14 hours straight.

4 - A couple of the Harlem Globetrotters were on-site making an appearance and taking pictures. Curly Neal was there! Seriously! I was probably more excited about that than I should have been.

5 - Levittown, PA, is an armpit. One of our hotel amenities was a crazy, drunken person running around near the hotel entrance. Shirtless, of course.

6 - At the end of the first day of Sesame-Palooza, we needed beer, STAT. Of course, one does not just pop into a convenience store in PA to buy beer. We had to drive to a special beer store and pay $10 per six pack (we needed two) for the goods.

7 - Seeing the utter joy on my kid's face as she splashed through all of the water features at the park? Worth the whole experience.

8 - Oh...and Avery is now smiling for pictures, but we may have a new problem:

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dilettante07 said...

I absolutely love this photo. And it absolutely has to go on her yearbook page (or whatever the equivalent will be in 2023) when she's a senior.