Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bloody 'ell, Twenty Years Already?

I spent the second half of my junior year in college abroad at the University of London. We were a group of 30 students -- 23 girls and 7 guys. Of the 7 guys, one was gay, one was part of a couple whose girlfriend was also in the group, one was part of a couple whose girlfriend was back in the states and one was dating (and ended up marrying, one of the girls in the group). Of the remaining three guys, somehow my friend, Carrie, and I ended up with two of them -- and both couples ended up dating for more than six years before breaking up and marrying other people.

This spring marks the 20th anniversary of our trip to London. (We left on my birthday -- January 27, 1988 -- so I turned 21 somewhere over the Atlantic and landed in London where the drinking age was 18 -- I remember thinking this was so unfair at the time.) A life-changing trip in every single way. One of our group members is planning a reunion for the late summer/early fall here in Northern Virginia. I'm so excited for this. Of all the people I met during college, these are some of the ones I got to know (and like) best.

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