Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Don't Cross Them Or You'll Be Swimming With The Relish

An ex-boyfriend of mine (I initially mis-typed that as "boyFIEND" which is actually kinda appropriate) had a circle of friends that was made up of quite a cast of characters.

Two of these were a couple: Young Man and Hurricane Rube. Said ex-boyfriend claimed that Rube's family had a ton of money because her father was part of an organized crime syndicate in Pittsburgh that pretty much owned all of the hot dog carts in the city. He also said never to mention this to her, because she didn't think anyone knew about her ties to the hot dog mob.

Once, we went to a cookout with Young Man and Rube. Rube contributed a bunch of hot dogs that her father had given her, saying they were the best hot dogs we would ever taste. Fortified by about 8 beers, I bit into one and said, "If I don't tell you this is the best hot dog I've ever eaten are you gonna have me whacked?"

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