Monday, April 14, 2008


My friend, Heidi, hosts a clothing swap every year. People bring gently used or never worn clothes and swap them for other stuff -- other "new to them" clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Anything that is not taken at the end of the swap is donated to charity.

I've gone to this for the past two years, and each time, I score a TON of clothes for Avery. (Heidi's sister-in-law always comes with hand me downs from her daughter who is a year or so older than Avery.) And...I usually get a few cool things for myself.

Such a fun way to shop -- especially because it also involves food and drink the whole time you're "shopping."

And of course, because the event is all about reusing and recycling...we can totally jump on the "we've gone green" bandwagon.

(*not a swinger reference. for once. though, swinging is hilarious.)

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