Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'd Eat Soap For This Man

Just got pinged by an old friend on Facebook with the following:

Darren says, "Uh, is there any reason you stopped talking to me? I finally found you ... and I can stalk you all over again. I'm sorry for anything I may have done or said or peed on...".

(Some history: Darren is the first person who talked to me in high school when I was still in my so-shy-I-could-barely-make-eye-contact-with-anyone-phase. Therefore, I immediately fell in love with him and had a crush on him all through high school. Darren, in turn, had a crush on the quarterback of the football team all through high school, so I just added another notch to my "unrequited love" belt. At one point, I actually did get him drunk enough to make out with me, which prompted his official coming out. I wouldn't take this so personally if the EXACT SAME THING didn't happen to me again with another guy in college. Apparently, making out with me can be so profoundly disturbing that it can make you want to play for the other team.)

Anyway, Darren lives in DC and I love him, but years go by without us seeing each other. Maybe he thinks I'm gonna try to get him drunk and make out with him again...

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